"Discreet and bijou, perfect for the most intimate dinners"

The Chefs' Room is the smallest and therefore most private dining room at Gauthier Soho and doubles in non-service times as a working room where the chefs and sommeliers gather to discuss the menu, create new dishes, and taste and match wines. It functions also as one of the restaurant's wine cellars. It can seat parties of up to four guests.

Situated on the ground floor right next to the kitchen entrance, no other room puts you so close to the heart of Gauthier Soho.

There must be something about it because we get more enquiries for this room than any other!

This room will make the smallest of gatherings very special.

It measures 3.5m x 2.5m.

Flexible table design system enabling completely bespoke table/seat layouts.

Look around the room on Google maps here

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