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Jardin d’Été: Tomato & Basil Crisp. Summer 2021 Menu.

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Berlingot à La Truffe: Rich Plant Cream, Truffle & Miso Jus. Summer 2021 Menu.

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Nuage aux Fraises, Strawberries Annabel, Verbena Jelly, Disappearing Floss. Summer 2021 Menu.

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Blettes de la Mer: Fondant Swiss Chard & Seaweed, Sea Favoured Jus, Garlic & Saffron Cream. Summer 2021 Menu.

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Pithivier d’Été, Turnip & Black Truffle, Juicy Mince, Golden Crust, Creamed Morels & Rich Umami Sauce. Summer 2021 Menu

Redefining French Gastronomy as Plant-Based

As of June 23rd 2021, after a five-year transition, Gauthier Soho is now proudly 100% vegan.

I have been vegan since 2016 and it has been my dream for the restaurant I love to maintain the same philosophy.
For me 2021 should be the moment the world wakes up and realises we all need to make fundamental changes to our lifestyle. This is not something for other people to worry about, it begins right here, with ourselves, with what is on our plate.

I have never been as excited as I am today cooking and running restaurants, and I feel it is an honour to be able to be in this position, to use my creativity to help pave the way for an environmentally conscious, progressive, compassionate, intelligent cuisine of the future, retaining all the deliciousness and fun of the past.
Animals are not ours to use, they no longer need to be part of our gastronomic repertoire. I do this primarily for the animals, for they have no voice of their own.

All animals deserve to live hopeful and free.

Thank you,
Alexis Gauthier

Open for Lunch: Tues-Thurs 12-2.30pm, Fri-Sat 12-3pm. Open for Dinner: Tues-Thurs 6.30-9.30pm, Fri-Sat 6.30-10.30pm. Closed on Sundays and Mondays

21 Romilly Street, London W1D 5AF

Telephone: 020 7494 3111